Tiiiza – July EP

Music can definitely be perceived as attractive in many ways but I believe the most appreciated perspective comes visually — that moment when you listen to a song and unconsciously begin seeing film scripts and photographs skim by or maybe abstractions of colors and patterns. Well, Kherson (Ukrainian and Russian) producer Tiiiza has created just that.

Despite being a newly formed artist, Tiiiza brings more than just music production talent. As you listen to the instrumental, dream-like tracks you’ll simply find yourself drifting into an unforeseen world. His recently released 3-track debut EP titled July consists of his work thus far that includes ambience atop mellow synths and claps sewn within each second. Thoughtfully titling each track based on the months in summer, Tiiiza enables us to jump back a season and visualize a hidden bliss from what we may have overlooked.

Tiiiza – July

Tiiiza – June

Tiiiza – August