Cologne-based Marius Lauber has been an all-around musician since the age of 7 — from experimenting with piano and guitar, as well as producing indie pop under his own name and German pop band Beat! Beat! Beat!. However, nowadays he seems to be looking at music from a more adaptive perspective as he’s now masked as electronic pop producer Roosevelt.

Roosevelt – Sea

Since his first appearance with the track “Sea” earlier this year, Roosevelt has been gearing up for its official debut with electronic label Greco-Roman. To heighten the suspense, he’s been touring all this past year, and as of this past month, was opening for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs in England. Finally, the single was released Tuesday and includes the original track “Sea,” along with a dubbed version and an impressive bonus track titled “Soleil.”

Roosevelt – Soleil

This newly released work of his is amazing and clearly marks a confident beginning of a what Roosevelt has planned for the future. The two originals both reel in catchy chords consisting of twisted synths, echoed vocals and prominent drum lines that create a uniquely seamless, dreamy sound. As with Greco-Roman, they’ve chosen wisely, despite this being Roosevelt’s debut work and seem to have much confidence in him as this release is framed aside releases of well-known artists Disclosure, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Hot Chip’s Jon Goddard. Yet, we don’t see why Roosevelt should be intimidated — these tracks are flawless and his plan for an EP next year is definitely news that has excited his steadily growing fan-base.

Once you get off repeat for the tracks streamed above, head over to iTunes for an exclusive dub version of “Sea” along with info for purchase.

P.S. His live shows look so much fun. Really wish there was a “demand” button for musicians right now…