R3ll & Alizzz – “Visions”

Primed for the summer of 1996, “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s was released twenty years ago by So So Def.  The song’s Miami Bass low end rumble, gliding monophonic melody, and yearning vocals captures the humidity of a summer dusk in Atlanta.  The song has become a club staple and has recently gained notoriety as the soundtrack to the Running Man Challenge, but “My Boo” also returns in spirit this year on R3ll & Alizzz‘s “Visions” released earlier this month.  The L.A. by way of New Jersey producer R3ll and Barcelona-based Alizzz flawlessly bridges the gap between Jersey Club street hit and summertime cookout anthem on “Visions.”  They effortlessly deploy Jersey’s sonic signifiers and an incredible bouncing bassline all while riding an uptempo rhythm that sounds like suped up Miami Bass.  The full Visions EP is out June 3rd on Dim Mak Records.