PRESCRIPTION: Dance with Your Eyes Closed

To kiss with your eyes open or closed – that is the question. If you kiss with your eyes closed, are you fully present in the moment? Many people would say no. Or do romantics kiss with their eyes shut so that they can hone in on the physical sensation of the embrace? I believe this latter argument to be the case.

You know you have made it as a DJ when your music selection inspires your audience to close their eyes while dancing. Similar to lovers, dancers close their eyes to eliminate their sense of vision. With eyes closed, dancers can better focus on hearing the music.

On entering Juan Zapata and Lalo’s Prescription, I closed my eyes. The music, atmosphere, and dancers unite to make Prescription an unforgettable experience. With eyes closed, you will better experience Prescription.

Last night’s Prescription party boasted a stacked lineup: Philco & Wave Age, Rosenberg, Jimmy B, Lisa Frank, and Team Zapata. A primarily house music-centered night, the DJs consistently selected tracks to keep the room at the secret Northeast DC location packed and lively.

Juan and I got a chance to step out of the cozy venue and talk about the party. We covered everything from the origins of the Dance Loft/Prescription parties to how more Washingtonians are getting hooked on the underground house and techno sound. Juan told me that over the eighteen-year period that he has been throwing and DJing parties in DC, there was a lull when people didn’t know where to go and underground dance music wasn’t well received. But this phenomenon has changed – these days, more partygoers are drawn to the underground house and techno sound. But what makes the underground parties Prescription, ROAM, and Deep Secrets unique?

When asked what made the Dance Loft/Prescription parties special, Juan immediately said, “the people that are here.” Juan has a point: the attendees, the DJs, and everyone involved with the Prescription party are there to have a good time and enjoy the music – they make the party. There is a strong sense of camaraderie among those in DC’s underground dance music scene; without this bond, DC’s dance community wouldn’t be as special as it is.

The next time you find yourself dancing to good music at Prescription, ROAM, Uhall, or wherever, close your eyes if they aren’t already. Take in the music. Feel the mood that the DJ is setting. Now open your eyes. Look at the people around you. You all make DC’s dance music scene exceptional. Remember that. You may close your eyes again.