Thursday, Plant Music is taking over the U Street Music Hall for a night of won’t-stop-can’t-stop partying!

EVERYONE WHO COMES THROUGH THE DOORS GETS A FREE SCION A/V V.29 PLANT MUSIC CD with 12 exclusive tracks by Tittsworth feat. Ninjasonik, The Glass, Will Eastman, Kap10Kurt and many more.

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The label, just like U Hall itself, is owned and operated by DJs who know how to bring the heat.

Legendary NYC DJ / Co-owner of Plant Music

Half of the band The Glass / Co-owner of Plant Music

KAP10KURT (live performance)
Electro-synth phenom from Switzerland who will make your brains melt

Come through, party and get a free CD!

San Francisco’s Loose Shus is the sound of today. With pulsing synths, funky riffs & sharp beats Loose Shus has helped define a new generation of disco pioneers. His live shows incorporate video projections of television clips from the ’70s & ’80s that sync to his music. “Sky Motel” is a heavy slab of retro synth funk.

New York/Berlin duo The Glass come with a new track co-produced by London’s Jagz Kooner. Disco beats & bass are mixed with yacht rock pianos and a big chorus that builds into a dancefloor synth monster. The Glass are on tour with Stretch Armstrong in the US in March and in Europe in April.

Hailing from a far away land (Australia), Clubfeet are an indie electronic trio who make ridiculously saccharine and infectious music. Their lush synths, sweet vocals and beautiful melodies make for some seriously magnetic pop. The super talented DJ Kue reworks “Count Your Lovers” for the club so you can dance to it now and attempt to get it out of your head later.

Smalltown Romeo is a funk mongrel, a dance music mutt, the spawn of legendary Canadian party rocking club owners Smalltown DJs and upstart disco dude Wax Romeo. Finding common ground where sweaty club nights meet hippy forest raves, the new threesome have joined forces to make and play fun, funk-focused dance tunes. Their first single, “Boom Ha” featuring MC Shad K, gets remixed by fellow Canadian and Plant newcomer John Roman who turns the tune into a chunk of fat, synthy rave.

DJ Wool (aka Glen Brady) is a turntablist, engineer, club DJ and one half of The Glass who now calls Berlin home. “Watch This” is a club heater that shows Wool’s influences-one foot in the tech world of Berlin and one in old school rave. Winner.

London’s omnipresent DJ Sam Young has been a fixture on the club circuit for years and comes correct with his second collaboration with MC Aphletik. “Hee” is a bonafide hip-hop/electro thumper that sets the dance floor off, with MC Aphletik sounding like a cross between Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

Born and raised in the sticks of North Carolina, Bit Thief has moved around the US, finally landing on the West Coast, pulling in all the bits and pieces of wherever he has been. With remixes of The Glass, Tittsworth, Clubfeet and more, his sound is constantly expanding-morphing from one sound to the next, making it impossible for him to be defined by any one genre. While bringing Plant newcomer Dillon Francis, from Los Angeles, into the fold, the two began conversing and collaborating. The first result is Dillon’s remix of “Monkey Bars”- a certified banger of super funky house beats with crushing bass and neck-twisting synths.

Over the past three years, Tittsworth has emerged as one of the most energetic and entertaining DJs in clubland, regularly touring North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Initially making his splash as one of the top second generation Baltimore club DJs, Tittsworth has since broadened his musical palate, incorporating house, electro, rave, club and hip-hop into both his DJ sets and his own production. “Molly” sees Tittsworth teaming up with Ninjasonik to create a bouncy piece of funky hip house club fodder.

With an uncanny ability to get the club bouncing, NROTB (Nu Ravers on The Block) create a unique brand of club music, merging anything and everything from electro to kuduro to Baltimore club, creating bass heavy big room electro house that is impossible to ignore. They have recently remixed Diplo & Laidback Luke and Drop The Lime. “Juma” is made for the floor with its syncopated kick, funky percussion and ravey synth stabs.

Kap10kurt makes music that draws from electro, Gameboy noise, ’80s new wave and ’70s synthesizer funk. His thick trademark sound comes from using vintage synths that combine obese basslines and face-smacking drum beats. When performing, Kurt rocks out with a keytar strapped around his neck. And when he’s not rocking out, you might find him programming synths for Depeche Mode or Moby. Kurt’s adrenaline-fueled “Mission Complete” gets remixed by Symbol One who puts his own twist on it while staying true to the original.

Will Eastman has been holding down DC’s clubs for the better part of a decade with his sensationally successful BLISS dance parties. His remixes and DJ sets have received critical praise in DC, across the US and in Europe. His first single, “Feelin,” gets reworked by Ara K and Kenny Summit who give it a swingy tech house treatment without losing the original’s uplifting spirit.

New York DJ/producer Eli Escobar is a triple threat, equally capable in the realms disco, house or hip-hop. Eli’s name rings bells in the DJ scene, having produced and/or remixed Amanda Blank, M.I.A., Diplo, Pase Rock, Holy Ghost! and more. Eli goes deep and mellow with “Oslo,” a moody house track that is an ode to one of his favorite places to DJ.