Pantha du Prince

Pantha du Prince – XI Versions Of Black Noise

Hendrik Weber, aka Pantha du Prince, just released XI Versions Of Black Noise on Rough Trade last week.

Weber, known for his heavily textured, shoegaze-inspired minimal techno under the Pantha moniker, handed over his original work from last year’s highly praised Black Noise to an impressive roster of artists for remixing duties. The likes of Moritz Von Oswald, Four Tet, Efdemin, Lawrence and Animal Collective take turns attempting to dismantle and reconfigure the many layers of Weber’s music, injecting each track with a bit of their own signature sound. And while conjuring up the brilliance of the original album would be a near impossible task, XI Versions is a nice addendum—something to tide us over until Weber’s next opus, should we be so lucky.

Check out Four Tet’s lighthearted interpretation of “Stick To My Side” (which features vocals by Noah Lennox from Animal Collective). You can snag the track for free here.
Stick To My Side (Four Tet Version) by Pantha du Prince