Junior Boys – It’s All True

Since I discovered Junior Boys, I’ve been in awe after each release of theirs. This duo from Ontario have always given emphasis on groovy bass and soft vocals within their electro-pop tracks, which inks their unique signature in music production. After 2 years since their last release, I’m psyched to hear that they’re back – except this time not so junior. Announced last month, they will be releasing their fourth record titled It’s All True on June 14 via Domino Records. They debuted this news last month with a track preview and, as of this week, they gave in again to put up second preview “Banana Ripple,” which has had me hooked for hours. This 9-minute track is forwarding a plush sexy vibe into electro music once again as it flows a mix of synthesized instrumental breakdowns, bouncy bass lines, and softly echoed vocals; all drenched with a feel-good danceable rhythm that seems to all go by too quick. “Banana Ripple” will be released as a single on May 30th alongside a remix from The Field.

If you can solidify your mind after it melts from hearing this track, I recommend taking the opportunity to see them perform live on June 16th at Black Cat in Washington DC. If you’ll be elsewhere in the next couple of months, check out the rest of their tour dates to see if they’re coming to a venue near you.

Junior Boys – Banana Ripple