Nick Catchdubs – Jiggy Blends

Our disc-jockeying readers all know the feeling. You’re playing an open format type show, stuck at a BPM territory that you might not be super-familiar with. Maybe you’re opening, and your set isn’t resonating that way you’d like, or maybe you’re finding out the hard way that you messed up the cue points on your Safety Dance live remix attempt. Whatever the case, you need a quick out – a heavy tune with a light heart, playful and attention-grabbing but self-aware.

Enter Nick Catchdubs. He’s the co-founder of Fool’s Gold records, a name that probably needs no introduction. He’s a record producer and a party DJ, and he’s got your back. His “Jiggy Blends” series is made up of over-the-top mashups and edits that are tailor-made for you, the conscientious and fun-loving open-format selector. Clocking in around 100 bpm, these edits are easy to mix into and out of, since they’re short and usually end with an acapella-out section.

The last Jiggy Blends includes remixes of such luminaries as Foxy Brown, Hardrive, and Calvin Harris, led by a breathtaking reimagining of Rihanna’s “Work”. Soundcloud has already purged all 3 Jiggy Blends editions from its servers, but you can stream and download them all free at Catchdini’s Audiomack page.