Live Stream of Simian Mobile Disco’s “Unpatterns”

This just in…The Guardian is hosting an exclusive stream of Simian Mobile Disco’s new album, Unpatterns, due out May 14 on Wichita Recordings.

Unpatterns marks the third full-length from SMD. The Guardian describes the release as “straight up, play it on the banks of the Spree while necking some Augustiner Hells minimal techno.” Expect some vocals though – “Seraphim” being a great example. For that reason, Unpatterns is a slight departure from the group’s Delicacies series which was an education in driving, straightforward analogue techno.

Simian Mobile Disco – Seraphim

Stream the full album here and be sure to catch the duo’s DJ set at U Street Music Hall on May 23 with support from JDH and Dave P. Tickets and info can be found here.