Interview with In Flagranti

I had a chance to catch up with In Flagranti as they prepare for their U.S. tour, which kicks off tonight at the U Street Music Hall.

You can grab a ticket HERE.

Matthew Lipsit: Your name, “In Flagranti”, is often defined as being “caught in the act”. Some even throw around the term “wrongdoing”. Could you please explain what the name means to you guys and how it has influenced or represented your musical style(s) ?

In Flagranti: Back in 2002 the idea was to find a name that would work everywhere. People around the world understand the meaning of “In Flagranti” and associate it with something and that gives us the opportunity to reinterpret it in different ways. For the new album we went a different way, the music and video have a different feel, on the cover i toned down some of the brash imagery, but i sneaked one inside of the digipac anyway to make sure people don’t forget who they’re dealing with.

ML: Your music touches on so many different genres of music. Any specific artists/musicians that helped pave the way ?

IF: In the early 80’s, i got introduced to a mix tape from Italy, which today is referred to as cosmic music. I almost didn’t know any of the music on the tape; it was a blend of electro/brazilian/krautrock/african/pop music pitched down, etc. I have never heard anything like it before. It all was seamlessly mixed into a hypnotic/psychedelic vibe. When i went to Italy the first time to go to one of the clubs, playing this kind of music i realized that no one actually cared who the artists were that the tracks came from. It was much more about the mix.

ML: Your two previous albums, Wronger Than Anyone Else (2006), and Brash and Vulgar (2009) were both praised for the eclectic and often discontinuous flow of tracks that created a unique yet fulfilling experience for your listeners. Has that always been a theme of yours or a goal when creating music ? Maybe even a tribute to your name “In Flagranti” (we know we are doing something that isn’t traditional and we are fine with people knowing and realizing that) ?

IF: I think this approach was the same for us since we started Codek Records in 1996. we don”t even think about it anymore, it just turns out like that. we do it because we like it.

ML: You guys have known each other since the early 80’s and have spent time living in the same cities but more often than not being quite far apart (different countries). How has that dynamic worked for you?

IF: When Alex left New York, i was not sure how we would be able to continue. Fortunately it turned out, that by way of the internet, it really worked for us not being in the same place. We were really productive and not getting in each others way.

ML: Three of my favorite tracks on the album (Three Piece Suit, Latter Day Methods, Anglo-Saxon Pragmatism) really seem to bring it all together and make it flow. They also have a common theme: beautifully orchestrated melodies. Was this album supposed to flow or did it just kind of happen ?

IF: It just happened like that. We never know what we end up with. We picked about 20 songs and started to shuffle them around and build a concept for the new album.

ML: What album/record are you currently listening to ?

IF: I was just listening to the new album by “About Group” called Start & Complete.

ML: You will be performing “live” on your upcoming mini-tour in the U.S. Was the new album the perfect excuse to make this happen or have you wanted to do this for a while now ?

IF: No excuse. Performing “live” is more of a way to showcase how it works in the studio, mixing lots of different loops into a cohesive set. The second half, Alex will be dj’ing mostly edits and tunes that were inspiring to the “In Flagranti” project.

ML: You released an EP for the title track, “Worse For Wear” earlier this month. Can we expect any additional singles off the album ?

IF: I would not call them singles, but we do have a few other remixes of different tracks from the album coming soon.

ML: Is there anything you’d like to do (non-music related) during your upcoming trip to Washington, DC ?

IF: Yes, a friend told me to go to the Tabard Inn Restaurant 1739 N St NW (between N 17th St & N Saint Mathews Ct).

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