FEATURE | Mssingno – M2 Performance Enhancer

After 3 years of silence since M1 Personal Trainer, Mssingno is finally back with a brand new mix. M2 Personal Trainer brings all the hallmarks the producer is known for. Saccharine pop hooks that are pitch-shifted and warped over top of swelling, candy coated grime and trap instrumentals fill out the 19-minute mix. This time around the vocals are initially a bit tougher to identify save for the inclusion of Future’s “Shotgun” sample off his recent Save Me EP, but each one feels both timely and emotional.


With both M2 and SOPHIE’s non-stop remix album releasing yesterday to great fanfare, it gives even more credence to the DJ mix as an art form that is on par with traditional LP or EP releases. A Mssingno release can feel like a glitch in the system much like the Pokémon he takes his name from which is why each one feels so momentous. If you are unfamiliar, make sure to check out his first two EPs, released on Goon Club All Stars and XL Recordings respectively. Also, read our review of his first official DJ mix here on Blisspop.


Listen to M2 Performance Enhancer via SoundCloud below: