FEATURE | SOPHIE – Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides Remix Album

SOPHIE is back with her latest offering, a non-stop remix of last year’s excellent album, Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. She uploaded it direct to YouTube, much to the pleasure of fans such as myself who were not going to shell out the $285 for the physical version. You have to hand it to her for originality, though; I am not aware of any other artists who release their music as companions to clutch bags or “silicon products.”


It feels quite fitting for her latest output to be a remix album, considering she lost the Grammy award for Best Electronic Record to Woman Worldwide, a remix album by Justice. Not to be outdone, SOPHIE has crafted a wholly unique vision that truly shines in the mix format. It would have been simple enough to go track for track, introducing a remix of each one or getting other artists to do the work for her, but what we have here is an album that is twice the length of the original release and a continuous thrill ride from start to finish. SOPHIE even threw in some new tracks that are far from filler: “XTC Acid,” “Laser,” “Push Emission (wHor3 Moans),” and “Leeds Heaven and Hell.” 


Listening to this mix evokes the frenetic and more club-oriented feeling of her live shows, which is a rare treat in the realm of official releases. The next closest thing available is her appearance on Boiler Room back in 2014 (and that doesn’t necessarily reflect the live SOPHIE experience of 2019). Just as her debut LP did last year, I expect this to make many ‘best of’ lists come the end of the year. Thank you SOPHIE, I will continue to stan. Take a listen below to the Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides via YouTube.