FEATURE | Mono Memory

For better or worse, synthwave music catapulted into the pop culture limelight in 2016 thanks to the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. It’s safe to assert that artists such as Com Truise, Anoraak, and others are established staples in the electronic music scene that are crossing the threshold into massively popular electronic music.

In light of this phenomenon, my guilty pleasure is listening to a newcomer on the synthwave scene known as Mono Memory. Mono Memory is a synthwave/outrun/dreamwave artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His debut EP, 85, is a reflective recap of early infant memories, encapsulated by an edit of old family VHS footage from 1985. His recently released music video for the EP is a nostalgic montage of hazy beach scenes to the snowy peaks of the blue mountains. The EP is worth a listen from start to finish and truly encapsulates the essence of the 80s fused with the modern musicality of 2016.