Blisspop Daily News: Weekend Edition, 9/6/15

Hope everyone’s been having an awesome Labor Day weekend so far. Well – we hope you at least decided not to go to the gym. Who wants to do that on a Sunday…?

  1. EMI is offering amnesty for the next 6 months to producers who decide to come forward with tracks that contain samples from their library. Sony, who owns EMI, is also offering amnesty to any of their that have decided to use their own e-mail addresses versus their work e-mails.
  2. Run the Jewels performed at Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ project this weekend. They were apparently joined on stage with the corpses of the Seven Dwarves, the Fox and the Hound, and a hungover Mickey Mouse.
  3. Hot Chip’s remix of Florence and the Machine’s “Queen of Peace” was taken off YouTube after the track was released on Thursday. I hate to say it, but maybe the banger wasn’t…. ready for the floor?
  4. Carl Cox divulged that the weirdest item on his rider are jelly snakes on the most recent episode of Insomniac’s YouTube series, Golf Cart Confessions. Tiësto, on the other hand, said he likes to have a dog to hang out with before a show as opposed to the other item we all know is on his rider: THE SOULS OF 8 HUMAN CHILDREN.
  5. A raver at Creamfields was swallowed by a Wall of Death at a mosh pit during a dubstep performance. Remarkably, she left unscathed. Even more remarkable: dubstep still exists.