Image from Arthr's "Balloon" video

Feature | Arthr – “Balloon feat. Adam Callum”

Since we covered UK-based artist Christian Balistrari’s music, animation, and live performance project Arthr last year, he’s been very busy. Last week, Balistrari released the music video for “Balloon,” an impressive work on all counts. The video was shot at an abandoned tin mine on the moors near Liskeard (South Western England), and it features the animated Arthr character chasing a balloon around the countryside. The music goes well with the video: electronic at its core, Balistrari’s smooth instrumentals highlight Adam Callum’s dreamy vocals. Callum’s lyrics are a homage to his late brother, which are symbolized in the video by Arthr initially trying to keep close to the mysterious red balloon, but eventually realizing that letting go is the answer.