Arthr portrait


You are in a warehouse. Many dance music fans find themselves in warehouses for parties, but this is different; instead of being surrounded by your friends, you’re lying on the floor alone and don’t know how you got there. This is how Arthr’s “Context Unavailable” music video begins. Over the course of the video, Arthr’s character is told a few memorable quotes from a prophetic homeless man, appears to travel through space and time during a psychedelic dream, and moves from the warehouse to a flower-and-butterfly-filled meadow.

Arthr is a recent project by UK-based artist, Christian Balistrari. Balistrari incorporates music, animation, and live performance in his Arthr project. In a video with Purple Sunflower Media, Balistrari tells the story behind his Arthr project:

Though the “Context Unavailable” music video was intriguing, Arthr’s music is primarily what captured my attention. Arthr’s music features skillfully designed synthesized sounds and good composition. Listen to Arthr’s track “Basic Function” and watch the music video for his track “Context Unavailable:”

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