Walter Ego – Heaven EP

MadTech’s most recent release comes by way of Sheffield’s Walter Ego. The young producer has had a rather successful year but is now proving he has a bit more to offer up his sleeve with the Heaven EP. Three tracks of seriously groovy tunes with speckles of old school House, Garage and Techno thrown on top make for a rock solid release and an excellent addition to MadTech’s already stellar catalog.

The EP begins with the title track and single “Heaven.”  It’s a simple House track with a 90’s vibe, a bit of shuffle, big soulful vocals, and a warm bright feel. “Grab Somebody” takes a more laid back approach, starting with a hi-hat groove and building up to an acid-influenced bass line. The real stand out of the release, though, is the tune “Jam Roll (for Love).” It’s the final track on the EP and definitely takes the record toward a darker turn, building up a big tech groove amidst jagged synth pulses and vocal chops.
Heaven is available August 19th and definitely something you should plan on bagging.
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