Review | Tigers Are Bad For Horses – “Still Here”

Formed in 2014 at Georgetown University by vocalist Mary Ellen Funke and pianist Lyell Evans Roeder and now based in Los Angeles, Tigers Are Bad For Horses create a sound that is informed by multiple genres ranging from electronic and indie pop to jazz and film scores. This unique melding of influences has resulted in many stand out songs. Their release, “Still Here” continues that track record.

The duo’s newest track since last year’s “Helium,” “Still Here” evokes a sensual night-time vibe right from the opening notes. Funke’s airy yet strong vocals glide effortlessly throughout Roeder’s smooth and funky arrangement. Once the beat kicks in around the one-minute, ten-second mark, there is a strong and welcome neo-soul influence that permeates throughout the track. Think Bonobo and Sade collaborating on a track together and you have “Still Here.” Clocking in at just under three minutes, it packs a vibey and emotional punch, and that is always a wonderful combination!

“Still Here” came out Friday, March 2, via Roeder’s own  Alternative Fidelity Music Group. You can stream the track here: