The Spotlight: Space Jesus

This is ‘The Spotlight.’ Many artists pass through D.C. on a weekly basis, but this column highlights one specific artist/group who happens to be playing in the district during the week. That way, you may join their journey in influencing the electronic music landscape.

This week, we got the chance to interview Boulder based artist Space Jesus before his show tomorrow evening (November 12) at U St. Music Hall. Read what he had to say before watching him open for Minnesota:
PB: How would you describe your sound/genre to those who haven’t heard your music before?

SJ: Have you ever felt like you were completely different from everyone else but that’s what made you the same? I try to embody this state of mind with my sound.

PB: What’s the story behind your stage name, “Space Jesus?”

SJ: Depends on what day you ask me 🙂 Growing up in an agnostic / atheist home has always made me cynical towards religion…This is my way of making people think about religion in a different way.

PB: What inspires you artistically?

SJ: Science and robotics, the unknown, weed :). I recently moved to Boulder, CO so being here has definitely inspired me in a completely new kind of way. Legal weed makes the world of a difference…

PB: Which of your tracks or mixes is best representative of you as an artist?

SJ: I think Infinite Extravagance encapsulates my sound pretty well because it carries the mysterious middle eastern vibe, along with a classic hip-hop feel…and it’s just got a fun vibe. I also love the music video to this song, which has a good story behind it. My friend Pipus is an awesome visual artist and cinematographer and actually filmed this footage before we even knew each other. After I saw the video I wanted to score it, and ended up writing this song to the footage he already had.
I had the video going on one screen, while making the music directly along to it on another screen.

PB: What can we expect from your set at Uhall this week?

SJ: I don’t want to spoil the surprise but perhaps the Space Jesus Prometheus Theory will be revealed.

PB: Thank you – we’re looking forward to your set!