Schadrack Pierre, Alex Siesse, and Kool Kidd Dre Shine on “Get You”

NJ native crooner Schadrack isn’t your typical electronic pop vocalist. His personal SoundCloud ( is full of live jazz performance recordings, but precious little studio work. In an EDM world filled with breathy, 40%-wet-reverb female top lines, it’s refreshing to hear a well-trained and practiced but still playful vocal performance taking the lead.

I recently had the opportunity to get acquainted with Schadrack and producer Alex Siesse at Alex’s beautiful home studio in Manhattan. As we bonded over Daisy-cup rosé and mutual love for Tim Dolla, Schad and Alex showed off their latest collaboration, “Get You”. Stream it below:

From the opening line “Pass me the kerosene/Let’s burn this bitch down to the ground,” Schad’s voice adroitly interfaces with shimmering pads amid a tropical sonic milieu. I can’t help but picture a giant anthropomorphized nail emoji 💅🏻 enjoying a frozen margarita, poolside at a day party in Vegas (need a director for the video, fellas?) I don’t know exactly where the sugar tastes sweeter, but on Schad’s recommendation in this track I definitely want to plan a visit.

Kool Kidd Dre shines on the second verse, exhibiting a flow that bounces on top of Siesse’s bouncy, summery synths and busy claps. The Mt. Vernon rapper’s raspy timbre contrasts beautifully with Schradrack’s silky-smooth hooks, but the real highlight of the second verse is Dre’s expert control of consonance and internal rhyme.

Just like the aforementioned frozen tequila drink, “Get You” is sugary-sweet with a bite that takes you by surprise. These are real musicians, leveraging their considerable talent to create a final work that is more than the sum of its parts. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch these artists’ creative output for the next couple of months as they continue to discover their identities and have fun making fun music. Be sure to give Schadrack Pierre, Alex Siesse, and Kool Kidd Dre a follow on Spotify!