Review | Rouge Way – EN2R THE PARTY

The Artists

Rouge Way is a duo like you have never seen. Rouge and Max split the creative duties on this project. The energy they are able to capture into a record is insane. They have created a world that they want to exist in and bring us into their soundscapes. I was lucky enough to be able to get on a call with both of them. There is so much more to them as creatives than what meets the eye. Max has been one of the best producers I have seen work in the decade that I’ve known him. Rouge has developed her own sound as well through finding music via dance. Rouge coming from the club music scene this was a match made in heaven. They were able to communicate their goals to me so easily because they are both so dialed in. These are the people who would be making music regardless. They truly respect making music and performing. This new EP from them will be something I look forward to seeing live. 

The production on the EP is handled by Max Nepa-Rewak. Max is somehow able to use sounds that have so much to them. The drums have foreign sounds and rhythms, but they make them feel nostalgic. Reminiscent of Sophie they have somehow mixed artificial sounds and real world ones to build their own backdrop.

Rouge Way


In “Alive” Rouge is just weaving in and out of these drums that actually feel alive. They are so dynamic. If you don’t bob your head to this song I am worried. Heavy kick drums mixed with wild percussion. Layered vocals at the end of the track has to be one of my favorite parts of this track.

“Half Dressed” is a dark and more subtle weapon of a track. The vocals are destroying this tune. The layering of the different vocal personalities is beautiful. Play this in the car and take it for a few plays and dive deep into all the layers. Rouge and Max really worked the arrangement making this song very catchy. 

“Bag Up” Starts off with percussion I have come accustomed to, but am still astonished by its creativity. That rolls along while Rouge is just working the groove. This sounds like something that would destroy a club. The arrangement is just a river of energy. It took me off my feet once it started and I was only able to come up for air when the break came around 2 min in. What a journey!

“$8.08” and “ Astroshock” finish off the EP with a tight ending after taking us on that journey. Overall this is just more than I can say in an article. Go listen to the EP.

Today at 7pm Rouge Way is performing live and debuting a video so keep an eye out for that if you are in NYC. Also they are performing Friday and Sunday too! So if you are looking to catch some next level music follow them on social media.