made to move air album art

Review | Losi – MADE TO MOVE AIR

This month, Losi quietly dropped his debut EP, MADE TO MOVE AIR, on bitbird. The EP includes three songs, “Heart Attack,” “Losi Anthem,” and “Sunday Sunday.”

“HEART ATTACK” starts it off with a triumphant entrance. Featuring strong dewdrop arpeggios and classic lock-step marching-band beats, this track stomps onto the scene prepared to slay.

Moving into the core of the EP, Losi chose to introduce a self-created anthem. Tune in to “LOSI ANTHEM” for the blisteringly well-constructed sound design. This track also includes a few classic, transformer synths that provide a nice callback to 2008.

“SUNDAY SUNDAY” rounds out the EP with a relaxed forward thrust featuring lightly tweaked sweeps and accent sounds. Taking in this track is reminiscent to stopping into a new coffee shop on a foggy LA winter day; everything is deeply familiar, but the salted mocha has just enough of a ghost pepper twist to keep you looking forward to your next visit.

Overall, this is a well-built, multi-layered noisepop debut EP characterized by strong sound design and artistic vision.