Review | Rob Garza – “Dobruja”

The sun sets, the city lights dim low, and a man walks the empty streets alone anticipating his fate. No, I’m not describing the beginning of the movie Daredevil, but I’m setting the scene for the first few bars of Rob Garza’s latest release “Dobruja” with Armada Music.

The second half of the electronic duo Thievery Corporation, Rob is spending the second half of his music career producing nu-disco, boogie, and deep house tracks that build off of his work with Eric Hilton and Thievery. His latest track, “Dobruja,” resembles a production style that comes from his involvement with the La Santanera and Canibal Royal movements from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

His combination of Progressive House, Deep House, and Afrobeat sounds built throughout the track generate a mesmerizing sound and portray the amount of mystique and curiosity put forth by the syncopation of the track’s ambient bells and chords. The thumbing of the kick resembles the pumping of the human heart beat, and the track’s choral reverb draws in the listener as they anticipate each twist and turn offered. Combining ambient sounds with house rhythm, this track is a must listen to any fan craving intensity, mystery, and ambiance, and I look forward to seeing it  featured on the third season of the Daredevil Netflix series!