Odesza – Summer’s Gone LP

Odesza is a new name to the electronic pop world but the production talent behind it has quite the experience. The group consists of two young artists from Washington State who left their own individual projects to collaborate in this new outfit. Their initial announcement came just a little over a month ago with a preview track “How Did I Get Here” from their now-released debut LP. Since then, they’ve gathered a decent following — knowing their potential in solo projects, frequenters of the genre knew this collaboration was not to be ignored.

Their debut LP titled Summer’s Gone was released just this past Friday and effortlessly sparked over 1,000 downloads before the day’s end. Sampling the works of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s in “Above The Middle” and Lily Allen in “How Did I Get Here,” their creativity is definitely shown in this hazy, energetic full-length and kicks them off to a very reputable start. And to make the release more exciting, they’ve made all the tracks free for download.