Munk and Peaches – You Can’t Run From My Love (Classixx Remix)

Fact: It’s been too long since Classixx has put out remixes on a regular basis. These two dudes from LA have done some awesome stuff, including the so-deep-it’s-almost-underwater remix of Major Lazer’s “Cash Flow” (christened the “Glass Bottom Dub” mix) and authoring what became Mayer Hawthorne’s “No Strings.” It’s good to have these boys back.

Before getting too deep into this song, make sure you’ve heard the original. Because the remix may as well be an original — it samples some choice vocals, and probably some more work on the back-end, but this feels totally fresh. As far as we’re concerned, the original was released on vinyl in 1982 and Classixx chopped up a record they happened to find at a yard sale. Which is funny, because “You Can’t Run” is actually a cover of a 1982 single by Stephanie Mills.

Classixx has a feel for, well, classics in a way most guys can’t touch. So it’s not really a surprise that the beginning of this remix feels like it would be at home on a Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins cassette. In fact, the whole thing would be sublimely at home on a yacht. Soft chords, some pitched down vocals, and a really smooth drum line with more woodblock than anyone should naturally feel comfortable with.

This is some smooth sailing music with a twinge of soul. All aboard!