Moon Boots – Got Somebody

It should be weird that someone turned Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” into a disco track. But it’s not. It should be weird that disco and tropical have become this really crazy hybrid in the last year or so. But it’s not. And it’s not weird because it just works so well. It’s something that French Express, the disco blog-turned-label knows how to do — first with Perseus and now with Moon Boots.

For a long time, disco DJs looking for new slower/vibey tracks have been left…wanting. There are plenty of classics (George Benson’s “Gimme the Night” for starters), but most producers these days just haven’t been making stuff in the 105-115 bpm range. Until recently.

Enter Moon Boots’s “Got Somebody” — a beauty equally at home with an empty dance floor early in the night, and a packed club that needs a little bump-n-grind at 2 am. The tropical drums, punctuated by the occasional run of chimes, wraps perfectly around Wayne Wonder’s a cappella, and the whole track pulses through in the smoothest of ways.

Nearly 50k plays in just a week can’t be wrong, right?

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