Mia Dora – Clear

When both of the remixes for your single come from label bosses like DJ T (Get Physical) and Jaymo & Andy George (Moda Black), you know you’re doing something right. Clear, the new single via Moda Black from duo Al Quinn and Rob Etherson, more familiarly known as Mia Dora, serves as yet another testament to the label’s rock solid catalog.

The original is a haunting deep house cut with soulful vocals and pads that wrap themselves around the bass line like tendrils of smoke. It’s one of the more laid back tracks to come out of Moda Black recently but serves as a perfect way to end the night. The DJ T remix pushes forward with an analog feel, utilizing a distorted kick bass and a simple but effective drum loop while the vocal sample delves into a ghostly echo floating loosely on top. Jaymo & Andy George offer the most energy of the three, boosting the tempo and giving the tune a sinister bass groove complemented by a stomping kick, string swells and rattling percussion fills.

Catch Clear on 9/23 via Juno or 9/30 through all other good retailers.