Le Youth, “Boomerang”

Le Youth has been on our radar after a string of phenomenal releases  (“Real,” “Cool,” and “Touch” to name a few) and multiple high profile remixes for artists such as Chromeo, Disclosure, and Jess Glynne. The L.A. based producer has found a comfortable corner for himself in today’s dance music webscape by surrounding himself in pop-driven house sensibilities; the same sensibilities that has made house music so approachable in a post-#EDM culture.

Bright, uplifting, and blissfully visceral, his newest track “Boomerang” is more of what we’ve come to expect from Le Youth, but that’s no complaint. With sunny melodies and crafted vocals which are sweet to the ear, it’s tracks like “Boomerang” that remind us of how far indie dance has come to fruition after living on the fringe of mainstream dance music for so long. And Le Youth, an artist who has pioneered his sound and sits aside his contemporaries like jackLNDN and Goldroom in a way which practically has them grouped together like a collective, consistently proves to us why he’s relevant.

He understands taste. Not trends. Not what’s fashionable. Taste. And the fact that taste transcends popularity to an extent which is unfathomable. This is the sign of a master manipulator of sound – someone who can routinely produce content which is both timely and timeless – and that’s why “Boomerang” is deserving of a place in your rotation this summer.