Lane 8 – Summer Mixtape

Lane 8 is Daniel Goldstein, a self-starter musician who, for the past year, has been determined to escalate the local electronic music scene just as much as his daily commute up the hills of San Francisco. Starting in 2012, Lane 8 has been Daniel’s medium for electronic dance and house music. He’s been producing, releasing and performing sans label and has built quite a respectful crowd for his accomplishments thus far.

Lane 8’s debut EP “We Won’t Know” was released in late 2012 and continues to receive strong recognition. Prior to the release, numerous singles were completed that sampled the works of Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, The Isley Brothers and other soulful classics. As of today, Lane 8 has released over a dozen tracks, along with remixes for known artists Brandy and Fenech Soler.


Currently, Lane 8 has plans to continue his highly anticipated monthly releases and is booked to perform them across the states throughout summer. Take his latest single “Be Mine” to get you up to speed on his well-renowned potential, as well as a glimpse of his personal taste in his new summer mixtape, all streamed below.

Lane 8 – Be Mine

Lane 8 – Summer 2013 Mixtape