Interview | Justin Caruso

With his music amassing more than 50 million streams, Justin Caruso started his career with hit remixes of artists such as Kim Petras, Blink 182, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix and Hayley Kiyoko.  He has been supported by industry leaders such as 3LAU and Tiesto and has had sold-out shows across the nation. 

His original 2017 song, “Talk About Me,” has had success with over 5 million streams. In April of this year, he made a top hit with Tiesto called “Feels So Good.” Currently, during the week of Moonrise Festival, he released his new original summer song, “Good Parts,” featuring singer/songwriter Maedi. Their new song chronicles the lasting effects that both good and bad relationships will have on one’s memories.  Justin Caruso, while already having industry recognition, is going to continue to create a name for himself – no moniker needed. 

Let’s find out some details about him and his Moonrise Festival performance experience. 



So you just finished performing, how did that feel? 

Justin Caruso: It was incredible. I’ve never played Moonrise. The vibe was awesome, and the weather is perfect. I got to play my new single, so it’s been a great day. 


And for the Baltimore fans, you have performed at Soundstage. 

JC: Yes, I love Soundstage.


You have quite a couple of fans here who were excitedly waiting for you to come to the Moonrise Festival.  What were your thoughts on the warm welcome? 

JC: I was telling my team before the show, that I’ve never gotten so many DMs before a festival from fans so excited to see me play.


They just slid right in there, right?

JC: Yes, so I automatically fell in love with all the fans here, and the people.


How was playing your new song, “Good Parts,” featuring Maedi?

JC: It was great to first play it here at Moonrise Festival. The response has been incredible.


“Good Parts” talks about the relationship between two lovers that turned toxic as one remembers the great memories from it. What were your thoughts on making a song like this?

JC: I think a lot of people can connect to how it feels when you’re coming out of a relationship or when you’re meeting somebody new after a break up. You always think back to the bad times of your prior relationships and then you remember the “Good Parts” and the stuff you learn from your relationships. I think it’s all very important. 


A lot of your fans have mentioned that you’re a pretty technical and detailed producer. What is your preference? 

JC: I used Ableton. I started on Logic, and then I moved over to Ableton. I think it’s quicker and I feel really comfortable with it. 


So if you had to pick a belt level of how good you are on Ableton, what would it be? 

JC: I want to say I’m a black belt, but I’ll go with that I’m a purple belt. I think I can always learn, especially while I’m in entertainment and learning from other people. 


Who is a musician here at Moonrise Festival then that you’ve always wanted to learn from? 

JC: I love illenium and am excited to watch him tonight. I actually opened for him like two years ago. Ever since, I thought he was like one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He is such a talented artist. 


Any collabs coming up?

JC: Not with him. Who knows in the future. I’ve done work before with 3lau and Tiesto, so we will see. 


Yes, you’re excited to see Tiesto play, then? 

JC: I’m pretty excited to see his set tomorrow night. 


If you could pick any artist to work with in general, who would it be if, not at Moonrise Festival? 

JC: My biggest dream would to be to work with some like Leon Bridges or Ed Sheeran. Those guys are unbelievable. 


Maybe you could’ve played Ed Sheeran’s wedding then? 

JC: That would’ve been too amazing.