Hot Chip – In Our Heads LP

UK’s electro-pop group, Hot Chip, have definitely made good, weird impressions with music over the past couple years. Whether with their awkward yet pleasing personalities, videos, or live performances, chances are you’ve stumbled upon one of their original acts before. Well don’t engrave your favorites quite yet, the five-piece group just announced the release of their 5th studio album In Our Heads to be released this coming June via Domino.

During the short hiatus since their last album in 2010, the group dispersed into separate start-up bands, some of which are still active in. Hearing this album news, I’m relieved knowing that they haven’t forgot about Hot Chip and are still progressing on good terms. They’ve also began to book a number of gigs across Europe and the U.S. beginning in June, which I highly recommend going to. Continuing with good news, they’ve shared the new track entitled “Flutes” which which they describe as “a perfect introduction to the new album.” The track, thankfully, holds Hot Chip’s signature vocals and frantic synths and beats that most listeners fell in love with from their previous work. You can enter to win one of the 20 signed, limited edition white label 12” of the track by simply signing up on their new mailing list.

Hot Chip – Flutes

Read more about the In Our Heads LP on their website.