Gui Boratto – Stems From Hell

Brazilian DJ/producer Gui Boratto is putting the finishing touches on his third album. Rumor has it that it will see the light of day by September. Until then, we’ll be seeing some tracks from the album drop as singles over the summer. The first of which looks to be The Drill EP, out July 28 on Kompakt.

The B-side on the release, “Stems From Hell,” is a dark, slow-burning growler suitable for a big room set. There’s some great tension and release in this one as Gui peels back the heavy electro-esque lead halfway through, leaving just the sub-bass underbelly of the track exposed only to have everything come crashing back in dramatic fashion.

We can’t wait to hear the full album this fall.

Gui Boratto – Stems From Hell by Blisspop