Things I Don't Smoke Artwork

Feature | Gobblebit – “Things I Don’t Smoke”

Melbourne-based artist Gobblebit meshed together several different genres in his new track, “Things I Don’t Smoke.” The track starts off with an 80s-style bassline that reminds the listener of “Blue Monday.” At the 0:26 mark, Gobblebit brings in a French-touch / Daft Punkesque lead synth that warms the listener up for the massive old school-rave style acid synth that comes in at 0:52. Over the course of the track, Gobblebit develops these three elements while incorporating some stellar drums into the mix.

Much of music creation involves borrowing from previous styles of music and Gobblebit has borrowed some fantastic retro genres of electronic music. Listen to “Things I Don’t Smoke” and keep an eye out for more tracks from Gobblebit: