Blisspop Presents: Feedback Friday Double Header Part 2

Here at Blisspop, we aim to show our audience who’s making their mark upon electronic music culture today. We sort through the good and the bad, bringing you the latest sounds. Back at it again with the latest edition of our series, Feedback Friday. This week, our group of Blisspop contributors includes: Will Eastman, Jonathan Sherman, Aeron Premo, and Justin Barini-Rivers. This week’s music includes tracks by lowi, RTKAL, FOX, SHANIQUE MARIE, EQUIKNOXX & SWING TING, Birdee, Yung Bae, and Friendly Fires. Check it out below and send us your suggestions for future Feedback Fridays on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


lowi – “Ambedo”


Will Eastman - Melodies here grab you and the 80’s pad synth that comes in at 2:08 will blow your mind for Kate Bush fans. Just vibey af. Good selections by the writers this week! Could work in a 4:00 a.m. set or a 4:20 p.m. set on your sofa. It’s just a little generic on the outro, though. (6.5/10)

Jonathan Sherman - ​I really enjoyed this track a lot because of the melodic complexity of the track. The high and low frequencies of the beat on this track matched up really well with the progression of the harmony of the track, and I really loved how the bells sync up with synchronizer. The subtlety of the transitions really impressed me, and I loved how “chill” and yet complex this track is. Look forward to hearing more from Ambedo in the coming year! (9/10)

Aeron Premo - This track opens up with some incredibly beautiful synth lines, which as a synth nerd always stand out to me from the get go. The ambient and Balearic touches are apparent throughout and create what I would call a “dream house” vibe. The beats are subtle yet they are lifted up by the lush production and synths. And that fade-out…just beautiful! This would be a great closing track in a deep house set.  (10/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - Previously I hadn’t heard of this artist, but I will definitely be looking forward to other productions. Starts out with a catchy hook and finishes off with some smooth synth work. This experimental piece is just enough on the line to be danceable. The movement from four on the floor to the broken beat with the drum section is perfect. (6/10)




Will Eastman - A bouncy Dancehall joint for outdoor parties this summer by Swing Ting with lots of vocal talent on this one. The track production doesn’t do much for me, but it’s perhaps the producer holding back to let the vocalists shine and that’s not a bad thing. Just could be a lot more powerful for the dance floor if the track production, bass, and drums were more engaging. Really feeling the vocalists though! (7/10)

Jonathan Sherman - ​​Another example of where music could be headed in the post-EDM world, I love the number of genres and dynamics involved in this track. Combing Hip-Hop, Latin, African, and Nu Disco elements, this track is incredibly catchy and makes you not only want to dance, but also appreciate the synthetic and electronic components that make the track so complex. Can’t wait to hear more from Swing Ting! (8.5/10) 

Aeron Premo - When I pressed play, I was slowly reminded of the days when TRL ruled supreme and they would play tracks that had about five or six artists singing or rapping on them all at once. While I love me some TRL jams when I’m in the mood to listen to guilty pleasures, this dancehall-influenced track did not click with me at all. It was too hard to keep track of all of the voices and the arrangement just stayed in the same place for the entire time without any added flourishes. For a track that clocks in at only three minutes, it felt like it lasted for six. (1/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - This is a big tune. This is my first experience, but I am sold from the start. This has all the vibes with clean deliveries from the mic. This song flows all over and I love it. Moving in and out of the pocket the songs seems to really define its own space and rhythm. Overall I love this tune and will be playing it for some time to come. (8.5/10)


Birdee – “Don’t Give Up (Your Love)”


Will Eastman - We covered Birdee’s track “Why Don’t You” earlier this month on Blisspop, which turned me on to this newer track released recently. Disco groove is unstoppable with this one. Just sitting back and loving this huge Disco revival that is going to explode this summer. A++ Bring it on! Birdee’s latest has super tasteful breakdowns and builds. Already got this one loaded in my crates. Why Birdee has fewer than 4,000 SoundCloud followers is beyond me. Let’s see what we can do to change that. (8/10)

Jonathan Sherman - ​Another great Birdee track. As a huge fan, I really loved the flow and structure of this track, but was a bit surprised to hear such a massive key change​ with this track from other popular Birdee tracks. This track does a great job of rounding out Birdee’s discography, but I’d love to hear more dynamism in the harmony of the track. Look forward to seeing what Birdee does with this track, and his latest EP. (7.5/10)

Aeron Premo - Birdee has been showing off his versatility as of late, and it is absolutely working in his favor. With “Don’t Give Up (Your Love),” he adds a classic house touch to his disco sound and succeeds in creating a slow burning track that is bound to set dance floors alight. The buildup to the vocal hook is strong, the synths come in at just the right moment and the energy level stays constant throughout. This one will be getting multiple spins from me! (8/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - A tune steeped in disco lore with a bumping bass line to boot. The drums are epic, but the breaks in these heavy drum sections really allow this track to crush. The guitar sneaks in and out of the mix, but is hidden not lost. I appreciate the nice dynamics of the track overall and wish there was a little more variation from front to back. (7.5/10)


Yung Bae – “Up To You” Feat. Flamingosis


Will Eastman – Ok, ok (Matthew Mcconaughey voice) I see where we’re goin’ here. Pulling out the funky, upbeat vibes for the arrival of summer. This track doesn’t do it for me the same way Friendly Fires does, as it sounds a little like a lo-fi version of Mark Ronson, but shit is funky! The throw back 90’s style sampling with a bit of a filter house vibe is tight. 7/10 (7/10)

Jonathan Sherman - ​As a DJ/Producer​ myself, Yung Bae and Flamingosis are two artists of the biggest influences on my career by pushing the needle of the post-EDM world with their introduction of the “future funk” genre. Representing both the East (Flamingosis) and West (Yung Bae) coasts, they have been instrumental in the rise of using retro production styles to make disco and funk music relevant again, and this latest track is perfect example of where I believe the Soulful House and Future Funk worlds could intersect. It’s only a matter of time before these artists change the music industry forever, and this track is a great start towards doing so. (9/10)

Aeron Premo - I swear that the sample at the beginning is from the 80s version of the “As the World Turns” theme song (don’t judge — it was a great soap opera). Anyway…back to the track. The length was too short and the production was a bit over the top for my liking, but the summer vibes are readily apparent and the vocals are soulful and set the mood. I think that this will go over well during a pool party DJ set. (6/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - I enjoy the disco vibes, but it seems jarring for the full arrangement to come in like that. The guitars are not included, but some of the fills and synths could have come in a little later. It just seems all there is to build on the track after that mini introduction is more of the same. Overall the song seems too short and doesn’t offer much for me to pick out in terms of enjoyment. (5/10)


Friendly Fires – “Love Like Waves”


Will Eastman - If Tropical House had the mojo of this summery, disco-inflected track I’d listen to it. Friendly Fires are pros and they really bring it on this stellar song that reminds me of Bag Raiders’ classic “Shooting Stars”. Perfect summer pop disco here. Kinda everything that made me champion and fall in love with Indie Dance/Nu Disco back in the 00’s in the first place. (9/10)

Jonathan Sherman - A quintessential nu-disco track, this track combines a lot of essential future bass and electropop techniques, and is a great example of where the music of today could move towards in the future. I’m a big fan of the of solo guitar drop at 1:49, and I really enjoy how the track really picks up from an even tempo nu-disco track to a true rock song after that drop with a progressive house finish. This year could be big for Friendly Fires, and this track could be a big part of that success. (8/10)

Aeron Premo - The band’s first release since 2012, “Love Like Waves” picks up right where they left off with nary a misstep. Ed Macfarlane’s voice is still as soulful as ever and the track’s production is incredibly smooth and summery. The dreamy synths blend well with the light house arrangement and together they create such an uplifting atmosphere. Right now I just want to take a trip to the beach, dance my cares away and put this song on repeat. Mark my words, Friendly Fires are back! (10/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - The synth lines and chord progression have me in tune with the track from the start. Overall this is a simple and lovely track hitting the chorus nicely and pushing through with nice vocals. It sits nicely in pop, yet it’s not lame. I look forward to warmer weather where this song can get some rooftop plays. (7/10)


The Winners and Losers:


Friendly Fires – “Love Like Waves” – 8.5/10

lowi – “Ambedo” – 7.8/10

Birdee – “Don’t Give Up (Your Love)” – 7.75/10

Yung Bae – “Up To You” Feat. Flamingosis -6.75/10