Feature | Lord Pusswhip

Þórður Ingi Jónsson aka Lord Pusswhip doesn’t shy away from the offensive as an up-and-coming rapper and producer from Reykjavik. VICE hits the nail on the head when they characterized his music as a “perfect mix of disorienting horror movie hip-hop guaranteed to shake things up in your office/bedroom/speakers.” He’s released an album in 2015, Lord PussWhip is Wack, followed by the 2017 compilation, Lord PussWhip is Dead. I highly recommend perusing his SoundCloud page where he publishes his latest mixes and tracks he’s recently produced.

His hip-hop music is a homebrewed concoction with one-part creepy horror (similar to Tyler the Creator), two parts sluggish lo-fi sensibilities (comparable to King Krule), one-part trap beats (check out those hi hats man!), with a dash of downtempo samplings of the underworld. Do I know what he’s rapping about? Not initially. It tends to fall in that mumble genre. But I do appreciate the art. His music puts me in the mood to rage in a dark club with the sub woofers ripping bass frequencies through my chest.