Feature | Lisa Frank and Rez Ekbatan “Whisper (Outputmessage Remix)” — live from Grace Reformed Church

In April, DC techno staples Lisa Frank and Rez Ekbatan released their single “Whisper”, which also features a host of remixes from other top city talent. The standout remix in the package comes from Bernard Farley, better known as Outputmessage, who is a creator of first class house and techno. He recently sent us a fantastic video of him performing the track, recorded by director Nigel Lyons at Grace Reformed Church the month of release.

When speaking about the personal significance of the performance, Farley said:

“The song itself is already crazy, but to perform to it in a church meant a lot to me. The last time I performed in a church, I was closeted and afraid to be my true self. Now 22 years later, I’m in a completely different place as an artist where the main goal is to be the MOST myself. And so I couldn’t help but have some fun and be crazy and free on my own terms.”

Farley is a wonderfully captivating producer and performer. He utilizes a vocal that is both sensual and sinister at the same time, complimenting the industrial house beats that the words are layered over. He holds the audience in the palm of his hand, walking through the pews and gazing intently at the crowd. And when he unleashes his incredible voguing and dance abilities, you know you are in for one thrilling show. This video only scratches the surface — you must witness Outputmessage live in person to see his true prowess.

You can purchase Outputmessage’s remix of “Whisper”, along with the rest of the remix package, at ROAMANCE’s Bandcamp page.