Good Buddies 001 Artwork

Good Buddies is a DC-based collective/record label/recurring party, founded in 2015 by Philco and Blisspop alumnus Caleb L’Etoile. Now the collective is comprised of Philco, Chris Felinksi, and Yomimbi. Good Buddies has been putting in work with their monthly Sunday residency at Eighteenth Street Lounge and they now have their first compilation, Good Buddies 001, with tracks by Jame Moorfield, Chris Felinski, Philco, and Hot Coffee.

Jame Moorfield kicks off the release with “The Bossy,” which features his signature flavor of tech house. Well-produced through and through, this track is sure to find its way into house sets around the world this summer.

Next up is Chris Felinski’s track “Pull It Up,” which sounds similar to what one might hear in an Alle Farben mix circa 2012, but with a slightly more tech house-oriented vibe. “Pull It Up” is a slow-burner that would be perfect early on in in the night.

Philco brings the heat with the third track off the compilation. Featuring a bouncy bassline, compelling percussion, and a tasteful vocal sample, this track will easily make it into the rotation of house DJs in DC and beyond.

Hot Coffee closes out the release with the appropriately titled “Season Finale.” “Season Finale” is more deep house oriented than the rest of the compilation, but it still has some tech flavors in the percussion. My favorite part of the release is the warm synth sound that comes in at 2:39.