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At a minute and 24 seconds into “Teachers”, Daft Punk namecheck DJ Pierre (the pronunciation of Pierre sounding overtly French) among a list of their influences. Few artists can claim that they invented an entire genre, but DJ Pierre is an exception to the rule. In 1987, alongside music partner Earl Smith Jr. (aka Spank Spank), Pierre tweaked the pots on a TB-303 bass synthesizer creating a high pitched metallic squeal. The song they created on that first day would be released as “Acid Tracks”, the foundation for acid house music.

There is a tendency for legacy acts to rest on their laurels, but DJ Pierre is an exception to this rule as well. With new releases on Get Physical and Heidi‘s Jackathon Jams this year and an album on the way, Pierre seems as busy as ever. DJ Pierre will bring his Afro Acid showcase to U Street Music Hall this Saturday, September 30.