Blisspop Disco Fest Playlist Week 3: Disco Edits

Ahead of Blisspop Disco Fest starting August 31st at the 9:30 Club and U Street Music Hall, Blisspop contributors Justin Barini-Rivers, Aeron Premo, and William Creason talk about some of their favorite Disco edits.

First Choice – “Let No Man Put Asunder” (Shep Pettibone Remix) (1983)
“Let No Man Put Asunder” first appeared in 1977 on First Choice’s Delusions album, but it’s the 1983 version by Shep Pettibone that propelled into club classic status.  Pettibone doubles the length of the original and strings out the now legendary vocals into a series of false endings, each one more dramatic than the one previous.  This is a masterwork in receding and building energy – “it’s not over!”. William Creason



Herman Kelly & Life – “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat” (Harvey’s NightClub Re-Edit) (1999)
The highly esteemed DJ Harvey delivers an epic edit of Herman Kelly & Life’s 1978 dancefloor busting “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat”. The original “Drummer’s Beat” is a longtime staple in Baltimore Club, so it is fascinating to see the direction DJ Harvey takes this edit: elongating the break section and giving the cowbell more room to breathe and bubble. William Creason


Chic – “I Want Your Love” (Todd Terje Edit) (2009)
“I Want Your Love” released in 1978 on their sophomore album C’est Chic. Peaking at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in May of 1979 this is my favorite Chic song by far. The beauty and class in this record alone is astonishing. “I Want Your Love” is a timeless throwback at any party Chic will forever be Disco’s royalty. Todd being known for the attention to detail and class he puts into these edits makes magic from the masterpiece. This dancefloor ballad is transformed into a psychedelic journey. Placing a delays on anything and everything he creates a new level of depth. The guitars move in ways that you didn’t expect and the arrangement is perfect to keep the dance floor filled. Justin Barini-Rivers


George Duke – “I Want You For Myself” (Keep Schtum Rework) (2013)
Keep Schtum adds some warm synth pads to this funky track by the insanely talented jazz pianist that give it a contemporary edge. While the original track puts somewhat of an equal emphasis on the vocals and the piano lines, this edit chooses to showcase Duke’s skills on the keys. Choosing not to bring in the vocals until close to the five minute mark is a unique touch and brings in an extra burst of energy towards the end. This is a track that fits great in the early minutes of a set, easily rolling along at first, then providing that energy boost to get the set rolling. Aeron Premo


NeÅŸe Karaböcek – “Yali Yali” (Todd Terje Edit) (2013)
Neşe Karaböcek released this lovely mixture of traditional Turkish music and Disco. Regardless of your ability to understand the language Nese is a standout vocalist. “Yali Yali” was released in 1977. Neşe Karaböcek was quite popular charting throughout her career. This track is a rare gem, especially as it sits at two and half minutes. Todd takes this Turkish disco classic and punches up the drums and adds some acid for good measure. Highlighting the drum arrangement and vocals with a dance floor and disco ball in mind he pushes the textures into a new realm. Once which involves lights, glitz, and glamour. Justin Barini-Rivers


Dolly Parton – “Jolene” (Todd Terje Remix) (2014)
Todd Terje is that one producer who can just about elevate any track (no matter if it is danceable or not) and make it a dance floor classic. He does just that with one of the most recognized country songs of all time. Terje loops that distinctive guitar riff and then bringing in Parton’s haunting vocals with a disco beat. You can imagine the lights in the club going dark with just the disco ball shining, being on the lookout to make sure Jolene doesn’t steal your man. And just listen to that ghostly final “Jolene” around 4:40…such a wonderful way to start the close out of the track. Aeron Premo


Sheila and The Black Devotion – “Spacer” / Star Chaser (Dave Gerrard Edit) (2015)
“Spacer” along with the album was written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers in 1977. The Chic members were consistently charting as ghost producers. A hit song charting throughout most of Europe as well as 5 million copies sold worldwide. Bernard and Nile of Chic create a powerful disco anthem. Recognized for its chorus “Spacer” has the rare occurrence of an epic guitar solo. Dave Gerrard takes all of these amazing elements from the Chic style of production and somehow molds “Spacer” into a heater. Allowing each element to slowly be revealed creates so much tension. With each new element the track gets better and better. Worth a listen at home or on the dancefloor this is a proper disco edit. Justin Barini-Rivers


Christian S – Do You Do (Sax Edit) (2018)
Christian S’s edit of “Do I Do” by Maurice McGee strips away the cheesy verses and concentrates on the best elements of the track, starting with extending the intro to build up the tension. Then the saxophones come in at almost two minutes, creating a sexy late night vibe that the original doesn’t really have. He doesn’t completely omit the vocals, however, using the female chorus lines to provide a nice contrast to the beat and the sax. This is an upbeat edit that would really shine during the middle of a DJ set as it does a great job of keeping a consistent energy level. Aeron Premo