Blisspop Disco Fest — Artist Interview: Fady D and Noce

For the past couple of years, Fady Rizk (Fady D) and Michael Nociolo (Noce) have been spreading their disco vibes throughout Washington, DC, both individually and as the duo behind the fledgling party, Discobolo. We caught up with them to find out more about their collaboration and how they plan to make a mark on the city’s scene.

Tell us about how Discobolo got started.

We have slightly different styles but are both inspired by Disco. It became obvious that we complimented each other after hearing the response from people who attended our shows. This inspired us to co-host a party called Discobolo where we showcase DJs that are spurred on by a similar vibe.

We also wanted to create a friendly atmosphere where lineups are less structured than usual. No one’s a headliner or an opener, just a bunch of friends playing together. Secret guests might show up, friends might stop by and jump on the decks for a bit, or everybody on the bill might go back to back. The only rule we had was to play music inspired by Disco. Also, the scene in DC needed more Disco, so we are happily doing our part!

How would you describe DC’s disco scene to someone from out of town?

Fady: It’s pretty diverse in terms of directions and influence. We have everything from the old school and funky house heads to nu-disco and future funk people.

Michael: Fady is exactly right. This inclusivity of style allows all walks of life to showcase their talent. In return, the whole scene flourishes.

What does the word disco mean to you?

Fady: Growing up in Egypt, Disco just meant music you can dance to. It didn’t really need to have the characteristics of Disco music. I got to learn more about the genre and its history later and it was apparent that this was the music of unity and tolerance. I have seen Disco do a good job of serving as an umbrella to bring together a very diverse audience under one roof.

Michael: It’s a good question because everyone seems to have a different answer. When I think about the word ‘disco,’  I am not really hung up on its sonic characteristics or historical definition. Instead, I am reminded of the experiences Disco has provided me. There’s a certain carefree spirit of a late night disco crowd, especially at U Street Music Hall. I was first introduced to this with DJ’s like Bit Funk, Figgy or Eau Claire, and I will always remember the way it made me feel.

What is next on the horizon for both of you in terms of your other musical projects?

Fady: I have been working on a couple of edits and remixes for old middle eastern tracks to kickstart a new concept series about Disco with an Arabic twist. I am also wrapping up a remix for a friend and have been sitting on a couple of originals that I hope I can release all together in an EP soon.

Michael:  I will be releasing originals and remixes through my project, Noce, very soon. Fady and I are elated by the enthusiasm for our Discobolo parties, and it has inspired us to do more! That is why we look forward to introducing new DJs and artists at the next show — look out for it!

Fady D and Noce will be performing a B2B set at the Blisspop Disco Fest on Friday, September 28 at U Street Music Hall, appearing alongside Crazy P, Session Victim, Le Youth, Crush Club, Gilligan Moss and Eau Claire. Tickets for this show can be purchased here.

The duo were also kind enough to create a special guest mix for Blisspop. Take a listen below: