Blisspop Daily News, 8/5/15

This is what happened in dance and electronic music today, Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

  1. Due to the privatization of Beatport’s parent company, record labels are going to see a delay in royalty payments. This is apparently worse for independent labels as many of their royalties have been delayed since April. Pretty sure this is what led to the revolts in the second half of Les Miserables.

    This is a preview of the new single by Green Velvet.
  2. Björk has cancelled her upcoming tour dates without any explanation. This further proves our theory that Björk is a benevolent God who can get away with anything, but we have yet to know if she uses her powers for good or evil. Let’s pray she and Prince don’t form an alliance.
  3. Instagram banned the “#EDM” hashtag due to community restrictions based around photographs containing nudity. We’re shocked that they didn’t ban it earlier based on how easy it made to for people to torture themselves with trap remixes.
  4. A girl brought a taser to a ticket drop for a free Kygo show yesterday and attacked two girls. I know we poke a lot of fun at Kygo on Blisspop, but this is too good to pass up. It’s shocking that anyone stood in line at all. If the girl brought a taser to a ticket drop, I don’t even wanna know what she’d bring to Electric Forest. Who knew that Kygo’s music could jolt someone into action like that?!
  5. Tiësto has unveiled the first episode of a reality show called Your Shot where aspiring DJs compete to open for him at Hakkasan and play the 7-Up stage at next year’s Ultra Music Festival. The only thing that could make this sound any shittier is if everyone was covered in literal shit on the show. Oh, wait? It’s a Vevo Exclusive series? I retract my last statement.

    What did we do to deserve this!