Blisspop Daily News, 8/3/15

This is what happened in dance and electronic music today, Monday, August 3, 2015.

  1. 2 attendees at HARD Summer died from drug overdoses over the weekend sparking interest in a prohibition on dance music events in Los Angeles county. We here at Blisspop take drug use very seriously which is why we want to make it very clear what our stance is: banning music festivals and dance music events won’t solve drug abuse issues at raves, but educating ravers on the possible effects of mind-altering drugs and asking them to practice drugs safely – if at all – is a good place to start (via LA Times).
  2. Native Instruments, the software company responsible for Traktor, has released their game changing STEMS format for DJs to the public. The software, which allows DJs to manipulate the individual pieces of music which make up a complete track, is currently only available for NI users. So while it’s really cool, no one really gives a fuck until you can do it on a CDJ-2000 (via Engadget).
  3. Day 2 of Veld Music Festival in Toronto was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. On the bright side, Canada has poutine. So… yeah (via Music Times).

    Hot Since 82 v. this glorious plate of fries, gravy, and curds. You choose.
  4. Mötley Crue’s Tommy Lee recently shared his apparent passion for dance music in an interview. Dear Tommy Lee: please. God no (via Loudwire).
  5. In an op-ed for the Sunday Edition of the New York Times, alt-rock and new wave royal, David Byrne, asked for more transparency in the music streaming industry. Oh, David… that would require the music industry to actually care about the artists they exploit (via New York Times).

    We feel you, playa.