Blisspop Daily News, 8/25/2015

This is what happened in dance and electronic music today, Tuesday, July 25, 2015.

  1. Diplo and Skrillex are recruiting fans for the shoot of their next Jack Ü music video in Detroit. Now the only thing that’s left to do is find people who actually live in Detroit.
  2. Club promoters in Amsterdam are trying to recreate the blood rave from the movie Blade. Aiming for the night of October 31, attendees can look forward to being doused in actual blood followed by a forced photo-op with a now old Wesley Snipes.
  3. The Ying Yang twins were featured in an interview where they discussed EDM remarking that they’ve been making EDM for years. This is appropriate seeing as they’re still no longer relevant considering EDM is arguably as dead as the southern hip-hop scene.
  4. Lorde was caught on video dancing to Flume’s remix of her song “Tennis Courts.” The consensus isn’t in on whether or not it was actual dancing or some kind of attempt to summon demons from the Underworld.