Blisspop Daily News, 7/16/15

This is what happened in dance music today, July 16, 2015.

  1. Scottish electronica act CHVRCHES has debuted their first official track off their sophomore album. The track is called “Leave a Trace.” It’s only a matter of time before a show like Grey’s Anatomy gets its filthy paws on it for a soundtrack listing (via NPR).
  2. Blur’s Damon Albarn announced that he will start recording the latest Gorillaz album in September of this year. And while Gorillaz *technically* isn’t labeled as dance music, you find us someone who says they can’t find the groove in “DARE” and we will show you someone who has no soul (via Stereogum).
  3. Shaq will be performing at Tomorrowworld this year. We wish we were joking about this, but it’s true. He will be performing as DJ Diesel. Fun fact: DJ Diesel is apparently a long lost brother to Kazaam the genie and both are an abomination to everything that is good and holy (via Uproxx).
  4. The DJ/producer responsible for “Animals,” Martin Garrix, would like to work with The Weeknd or Ed Sheeran in the future. In other words, he still wants to make music that caters to white girls who wear a lot of body paint (via Your EDM).
  5. Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland is going to star in an as-of-yet untitled Netflix original movie about 6 strangers whose lives collide and are changed forever at the world’s largest EDM festival. Okay – now that Zac Efron movie doesn’t sound so bad (via Just Jared).