BLISS 5 is a recurring series where we ask respected DJs and producers to contribute a 5-track playlist of tracks that they are currently drawn to and/or have been playing out. Dancing then ensues.

Underground house slayer Ypset has been circling the DMV scene for quite some time. Based primarily in Baltimore, Ypset is one of those DJs who can sum up a room within seconds, oftentimes obliterating the dancefloor with very calculated song choices that range from soulful, rich deep house to chaotic techno perfect for a camp at Burning Man. Needless to say, when he said he was willing to curate a playlist for us, we jumped at the opportunity. This is Ypset’s BLISS 5.

1. Justin Jay, “You Give Me Butterflies”

I’ve pulled this back out of my crate for this summer to great reception from the crowd at shows. Listen to the track for more than a minute and its summer vibe and blissful leads will be clearly apparent. The drums and rhythm of the track still have that distinct Justin Jay punch that keeps booties shaking.  I love darker sounding tracks typically, but this one keeps it level in a lot of sets.

2. Guy Mantzur & David Seaman, “K9  (Solee Remix)”

This remix from Solee I simply adore for its pace. That keeps at it the entire track and the industrial electric sounding repetitive stabs that start around a minute in to the track instantly grabbed my attention. I can’t seem to get tired of this track.

3. Demarzo, “Ojon”

Such a simple, but effective hook synth line mixed with some soul vocals. This track absolutely SMASHES.  Irresistible in my opinion to sit still to it, I just love how minimal this track is, yet still cruises at a peak hour of a set.

4. Mark Slee, “Teraxicum (Light Up the Night)”

I’ve always liked strange and peculiar sounding music that gets spacey or just downright weird; this is a great example of it.  If you listen through the track, just promise me you make it to the break that begins at 3 minutes with the eerie robotic voice that sounds like a wise sage giving the backdrop to the beginning to a cosmic dance party. When the track comes in after the line “Let’s light up the night,” I get chills every time. Weird is good!

5. Mikey Lion, “Tribute”

I was fortunate last summer  to meet and share the decks with one of the founders of the Desert Hearts crew who’s making huge waves in the west coast house scene. This track was off his EP released last year. It is an absolute monster tech track that has a certain hard edge to it with mesmerizing punchy drums. Another track that’s not complex, but instantly grabbed my attention with its cruising pace and “take no prisoners” vibe.

Be sure to follow Ypset on Facebook and SoundCloud. You can check out his BLISS 5 playlist on our SoundCloud page.