Big Spider’s Back

I’ve heard Big Spider’s Back being mentioned around before but never took the time to sit down and listen until now. BSB is an evolved electronic solo project of Yair Rubinstein’s who is originally from Seattle but now resides in Brooklyn. His latest album, titled Memory Man, is what caught my attention and is now terribly making me regret ignoring his music before. The record has recently become available via streaming but has yet to be released for sale by Circle Into Square on July 5th.

Big Spider’s Back began in the summer of 2007 as a bedroom project of Yair’s. His 2009 debut EP Warped showcased the first of his productions well enough for it to receive a gracious collection of press and brought to his attention the potential of BSB’s development. Just two years later, he’s ready to release his second full-length album, Memory Man, whose tracks uniquely compress themselves as lo-fi waves but only to come together in the record’s whole aurora of hazy, electronic bliss.

The general style of his production seems to always have a steady film of electronica over lightly-echoed vocals but all within a well-structured musical atmosphere. Synthesizers, haunting vocals, field recordings, sandy chimes and a hint of tropical rhythm’s are all built into the record. The realm of his music balances a variety of these instruments that each flow in and out without overwhelming the listener and is what I believe makes Big Spider’s Back so enjoyable. Below is the stream of the whole Memory Man record and, if its relaxing sounds drift you into a numb-like state, I suggest you pre-order the album over at Circle Into Square.