Interview: Get to know Codes

Really excited I was able to catch up with Brooklyn, NY-based turntablist/producer Cody Murray (aka Codes) this week. Ever since I saw @StretchArmy mention his name on twitter a few months ago, I haven’t been able to get enough of his Codes House EP (released back in April via Slow Roast Records – see tracks “Ready Aim Fire” & “Guzzlin Champagne”) and his latest disco/house/bass Codes Mix done for Treasure Fingers’ podcast.

Check out the interview below & get to know one of my new favorite house producers — hopefully he’ll become one of yours too! Codes’ mixes and tracks are available for listen/preview/download at the bottom of the page.

1. Can you tell us a little about your background & early musical influences? Did you grow up in Brooklyn, NY?

I’m actually from Rochester, New York; I’ve lived in Brooklyn for almost 7 years now. One of my biggest early influences was my dad – he was always playing his acoustic guitar around the house or blasting some Beatles or Stevie Ray Vaughn when I was a kid.

2. How long have you been DJing? How’d you get started  & where’d you have your first gig (any interesting stories here would be cool)?

I’ve been DJing for about 12 years. When I was 14 my older cousin Woody took me to my first rave.

One thing I miss and something that the scene is currently lacking is mix tape tables.
Every party use to have a mix tape table back then. I randomly bought this tape called Return Of The Jungle Warrior by DJ Venom. My cousin actually said “You don’t want that shit, that’s that Jungle shit” but I bought it anyway. It was a mix tape full of all kinds of great Jungle records circa ’97 and ’98. Venom had a proper intro for both sides of the tape and an outro with scratching all over it. I fell in love with it and probably listened to it everyday for about a year or two straight. That’s definitely what started it for me and why I saved up for my first pair of turntables.  

My first gig was at this college party at The Rochester Institute of Technology. A good friend of mine had a job as a maintenance man at RIT. We would cruise around on the RIT golf carts and use them to hand out mix tapes. So when I was in high school we were running shit at the college and started doing our first parties over there.

3. You’ve recently signed with Slow Roast Records — when did you connect/build a relationship with those guys? Common interest in turntablism, etc?

I have known Kill The Noise since high school. He’s a couple years older than me and we use to skateboard and cause trouble together. After I sent him my “Dying” record, him and Craze were like, “We want to put this out – make some more”. So I did a few more records which ended up turning into the Codes House EP.

4. Many of your tracks blend a mix of hip-hop, house and disco – what can you attribute this blend to? What about each sound do you have a personal connection with?

I have played hip-hop & house music for years and I’m all about flipping samples in creative and cool ways. So it just came together naturally for me. I wanted to make something with elements from all of my influences and come up with my own sound. The last EP was a bit disco heavy but I think I did a pretty good job to not pigeon hole myself into being solely a disco house DJ/producer. I just want to be known for making dope house music.

5. You’ve got a forthcoming release – a remix of Dances With White Girls’ “About The House” for Plant Music…

That came about when I sent Stretch Armstrong some tunes on Facebook. He said my style would be perfect for a single he has coming out and asked if I wanted to remix it. Dances is making some cool music right now so I was bout it. I don’t know the exact date but it should be coming out late July early August.

6. Any other upcoming projects with Slow Roast, etc. you can clue us in on?

I’m putting together a collection of remixes from tracks off my Codes House EP featuring some of my favorite producers at the moment. Look out for the release, as well as a few other Slow Roast exclusives, some time later this year. I also have a remix I did with Tommie Sunshine for a Disco Fries and Clinton Sparks track coming out on Central Station. Lately I have been working in the studio with Treasure Fingers and a few other artists knocking out some more original material.

7. What are your current influences/music you’re really into right now (artists, specific tracks, etc.)?

The new Craze record “Dance Alone” feat. Wrekonize is off the chain. The Torro Torro guys have been making some awesome music as well.

Listen/Download: Codes – “Guzzlin Champagne” (Original Mix)
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Listen/Download: Codes Mix for Treasure Fingers Podcast 002
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Listen/Preview: Dances With White Girls – “About The House” (Codes Remix)
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