Marshall Stukes Best of 2018

Best of 2018 | Marshall Stukes’ Picks

Best Remix

John Hopkins, “Singularity” (ANNA Remix)

I am a fan of both John Hopkins and ANNA, so when I heard they were releasing a remix I was thoroughly excited. The original is haunting and soothing; the remix keeps the same Hopkins vibe but adds ANNA’s signature bass lines, percussion and a synth breakdown that will definitely get listeners moving.

Best LP/EP

Travis Scott, Astroworld

This is one of the LPs from this year that I have replayed from top to bottom over and over again. Astroworld is an homage to the amusement park of the same name, once located in Houston, Texas, the hometown of Travis Scott. From the beginning, you feel like you’re in the amusement park deep in the mind of Scott. Stand outs include “STARGAZING,” “HOUSTONFORNICATION,” and “COFFEE BEAN.”

Runner Up – Jungle, Forever

Second Runner Up – Bas, Milky Way

Favorite Show of the Year

Childish Gambino, This is America Tour

It’s rare for a show to leave me speechless at the end of the night, but Donald Glover’s last live run as Childish Gambino did just that. Glover performed the Childish Gambino discography from Because the Internet on and even gave a sneak peak at a song off of his last project under the moniker. The performance was amazing in every sense of the word. Every single emotion that went into each song came through Glover’s performance and the energy reflected with the crowd. The set production was something like that out of the Wiz, complete with the most vibrant light show I have ever seen in concert. Glover said at the top of every show on the tour that he was going to take us to church – he did that and then some.

Runner Up – Travis Scott, Wish You Were Here Tour

Second Runner Up – Carpenter Brut, Leather Patrol Tour

Track of the Year

Childish Gambino, “This is America”

With four Grammy nominations (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rap/Sung Performance and Best Music Video), “This is America” became a viral phenomena after Childish Gambino dropped the music video as he performed the song on Saturday Night Live. The video, directed by Donald Glover’s long-time associate Hiro Murai, left its viewers amazed at the symbolism and realism of gun violence and being black in America. You can find analysis videos and think pieces all over the internet. I truly felt the impact of the song after I watched Glover perform it in the tour of the same name. Every person in the arena had their hands up, bodies moving and energy flowing.