Best of 2015: Shawn G’s Picks

Track of the Year

My criteria for “Track of the Year” is centrally focused around crossover appeal and what song can transcend genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres to appeal to dance fans all over. So, with that being said, my selection goes to Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank for “Shades of Grey” featuring Delaney Jane. It’s an awesome, energetic dance track with serious grooviness and deep house vibes – the ones that have declared supremacy in the game right now.

Honorable mentions: Airwolf, “Lose the Lazy”; Penthouse Penthouse, “69 Camaro.”

Artist of the Year

This has to go to JackLNDN. After dropping Summer Never Ends Volumes 1 and 2 as well as the Drop Out EP, this guy still has enough time to drop some of the best remixes and singles I’ve heard all year. 2014 was a break out year for him, he really stepped up in 2015, and stood as someone who was dropping fire nearly every week. Smooth nu disco and deep house vibes on top of superb production and live skills makes JackLNDN the top artist of 2015!

Honorable mentions: Blonde, Amtrac.

Best New Artist

This was a super tough decision. I’m blowing this one out to encompass the entire wave of indie dance producers in Australia that have redefined the entire nu disco genre. This includes Airwolf, Young Franco, Tyler Touché, etc. All of these guys have dropped masterful singles or innovative remixes that are absolutely funky and refreshing. Hard to pick just one of them, so they all deserve credit as “new” artists that I believe made a major impact in 2015.

Best Remix

2015’s best remix will go to The Magician for his remix of Blonde’s “All Cried Out” featuring Alex Newell. The original was a gem of a track: one that was not only energetic and danceable, but emotional and heartfelt. Yet, The Magician took his magic and created an absolutely beautiful touch up that put the song on fleck with deep, bass-heavy vibes and a filtered, French feel – a beauty!

Honorable mention: Lianna Le Havas, “What You Don’t Do (Grades Remix).” 

Best LP/EP

There weren’t to many full-length LPs that stuck out to me in 2015, however there were a number of EPs. My favorite would be Page One is Love by Aeroplane. All three tracks on it are remarkable and could be singles if he really wanted. This Belgian is a genius and truly is one of the best in the dance game.

Favorite Show of the Year

My favorite show of 2015 was Bit Funk and JackLNDN’s visit to U Street Music Hall in May. It was a sold out monstrosity of an evening. I’ve never danced so much in my life. They ripped up the venue in a way I’ve never seen before, dropping new tracks and rare remixes that were beyond blissful. Truly awesome.

Label of the Year

To be honest, no label stuck out to me. The internet has changed the game and I’m not a huge fan of the major EDM labels signing independent artists. So, with that, I say a big ol’ N/A.

DC Artist to Watch

I saw her opening for a couple of awesome artists in 2015, and I think its time she breaks out with her particular brand of the ‘French Touch’ and indie dance, thus my vote goes to Eau Claire. In 2015, we saw her drop some visible bangers and mixes in her remix of Golden Coast’s “Futurist” and her MOARRR mix. I’m a  big fan and I think she has a unique offering that enthusiasts of nu disco will adore. Looking forward to her Feed Me Disco series in 2016!

Honorable mention: Julius Jetson