Feature | Werk Ethic Gurus Ken Lazee & Nick Garcia Share their Favorite Summer Tunes

Ahead of their latest installment of one U Street Music Hall’s most popular show series on August 24th, the “Werk Ethic” gurus Ken Lazee and Nick Garcia share a playlist of their most beloved house and techno summer tracks from the 80s and 90s.

Find out more about how classic house and techno artists like Fathers of Sound, Alcatraz, Mother, Tim Deluxe, Cyber People, and Larry Heard inspired Ken and Nick to embark on beginning their Werk Ethic series, and the impact these notable underground artists had on the development of House and Techno music around the world. To hear a mix from their latest show, scroll to the bottom of the page. 


Ken Lazee:

Fathers of Sound – Revelation


This track is featured on one of Dimitry of Dee-lite’s mixtapes that I bought at a party called Bassrush 2, which happened at Camp Ramblewood in Havre De Grace, Maryland. It’s probably my favorite track on that mix and powered many after parties that would often go to well into the following evening.


Lil’ Mo Yin Yang – Reach (Alcatraz’s “Lil’ Mo Got Gang-Banged Mix)


This track is monumental to me because of how much I was inspired by it. The siren that kicks in at 2:30 really captures the kind of dance floor intensity that first drew me to the rave scene. Through a friend, I found out the name of it and was able to pick it up at the old 12 Inch Dance Records in DC. Needless to say, it was played many, many times on my home setup.


Mother – All Funked Up (Mothers Pride Mix)


This tune is featured on DJ Dan’s – “Take A Fix To Funk” mixtape, which was highly influential to me and a big reason that I learned to DJ. I remember coming home after Ultraworld’s Sunrise Festival in August of ‘95, being left without anyone to hang out with once I got home and it not mattering because I had this mixtape to listen to that contains this one and many others as well. Even now, when I listen to it, I can remember feeling so inspired by this amazing music, and the scene I had discovered, and how it made me feel so good to be alive.


Nick Garcia:

Tim Deluxe – I Know [1998 Cross Section Records]


This record has one of those really simple, but really infectious grooves that just lifts up your mood and makes you want to move.  The vocal is super catchy and overall the record is just really fun and lighthearted, making it perfect for summer sessions.


Cyber People – Void Vision [1985 Memory Records]


One of the best Italo Disco tracks ever made, hands down.  A total feel-good record.  Unlike a lot of music from that era, it actually aged pretty well; it’s shiny synth leads, punchy drums, and vocoded vocals sound great when mixed in with more modern material.


Larry Heard – Burning [1994 Black Market International]


An unsurprisingly deep tune from the king himself Larry Heard.  This track’s sultry piano licks and earth-shaking bass line make it a good tune for warming things up and setting a proper mood.